Chris Butler

Chris Butler

CEO| Butler Tactical

A veteran of the U.S. Army Mr. Butler has twenty one years of combined military and government services industry. Mr. Butler specializes in dynamic, kinetic training solutions for DOD, DHS and LE EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Operators. He currently free-lances as an EOD advisor, training instructor and equipment designer.

Mr. Butler has extensive experience in a variety of foreign nations, specifically Middle Eastern nations (Iraq and Afghanistan). Mr. Butler is well versed in EOD operations, team building, and training of individuals and groups with an emphasis on Applied Explosives Technologies, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), Post Blast Investigations and Counter-terrorism techniques.

The majority of Mr. Butler’s military career was spent in 1st Special Forces Detachment-Delta focused on Strategic Reconnaissance, Direct Action, Counter-Terrorism, Foreign Internal Defense, and Unconventional Warfare. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of personal protection and counter-proliferation of WMDs.

Mr. Butler left the military in 2003 and was on the initial Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Task Force, working directly for the G3 of the army. As an EOD subject matter expert (SME). Mr. Butler was the lead EOD SME for the IED Task Force in Iraq and then later in Afghanistan. Mr. Butler has years of deployment experience in the identification, render-safe procedures, and disposal of terrorist IEDs. Mr. Butler has two years dedicated to the collection and evaluation of forensic IED evidence and intelligence. Mr. Butler has extensive experience, in the field, regarding various insurgency tactics, improvised weapons and terrorists targeting practices in urban environments.

As a former Director of International Training for a Virginia based, DOD focused, training company, Mr. Butler was engaged in operational leadership across the organization and provides strategic vision to ensure the delivery of consistent, outstanding services to its international customers. Mr. Butler most viable accomplishment as the Director of International training was standing up the Slovakian Armed Forces assistance program which enabled the Slovakian Armed Forces to deploy their first IED-Defeat capable team to Afghanistan in 2010 to provide direct support to Task Force Paladin, the lead in C-IED operations in Afghanistan. Mr. Butler has spoken at length in many NATO training venues about his EOD training methodology, used in Slovakia, on behalf of the NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT).

Clearance Level:
Top Secret/SCI (Active)
SCI Eligibility is based on a Phased Periodic Reinvestigation (PPR), dated 12 July 2013

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