Christopher W Martin

Christopher W Martin

Loriakin Seven Protection

Region: Fort Meade, Maryland
Adapt, Evolve, Protect … Exhausting every resource to ensure the safety and trust of our clients and community… to perpetuate our protection culture through relationships and create an impact that builds trust and strengthens our community…

To perpetuate my team’s evolution as an honorable, integrity based culture through it’s relationships and reliability. By building strong bonds with other entities in executive protection, counter surveillance, deception recognition, and behavioral analysis, we are able to develop more effective and efficient measures to ensure the safety of our clients, and communities.

We remain deeply focused on building a protection “culture” where a tangible impact can be made on people’s lives to fully enrich our community and ensure the safety of our clients and associates. This cohesive environment, built on trust and integrity, is our priority and the catalyst to our mission success.

To be the most beneficial piece to my team, I pride myself on my work ethic, perseverance, and ambition; to constantly evolve as a vital asset. My ability to adapt to any environment, and “do it right the first time” attitude, is constantly driving me forward. Fueled by my ambition, these qualities afford me the opportunity to become more rounded, and continually grow as a knowledgeable, quiet professional.

With the myriad of experiences, and the amount of training that has been endured by my associates and I, we have evolved into accomplished leaders and essential assets in the protection of our communities, and country.

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