Justin Partridge

Justin Partridge

Program Manager – Blaze Defense Systems


Program Manager at Blaze Defense Systems – Specializing in Military, Law Enforcement, EMS & Fire Rescue
Region: Birmingham, Alabama

Justin, program manager and research developer of Blaze Defense Systems & Blaising Fire & Water, Inc. based in Pelham, Alabama is a 13 year commercial fire and safety veteran. Justin has represented fire protection, medical, armor, respiratory protection, customized tactical systems, less lethal devices and much more on a national and global level. Justin offers a long, strategic record of developing unique kits and items to first responder teams, to assist in “bridging the gaps” between law enforcement, Fire and EMS.

Mr. Partridge has developed many items used widely in the first responder world today, such as backpack deployment systems for tactical / military teams, rapidly deployable carrier systems for fire suppression devices, medical gear, breaching tools and many other items. He has developed backpack kits for first responders to address active shooter scenarios and mass casualty situations. Also, accompanying his backpack response kits, Justin put together a consumer model available for the public to purchase for their own personal response use for home, office, car or classroom.

Justin specializes in applying his expertise and product knowledge to further the education of the end users of his products. While educating the end user, knowledge and confidence give the user a much stronger will power to use the gear effectively, as its design. Education is the key to confidence, geared with the correct tools.
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