Nate McVicker

Nate McVicker

Founder Guard911 | Hero911

Nate McVicker is a veteran police officer and nationally recognized speaker and trainer in the field of criminal interdiction. Along with a retired Colonel from the Illinois State Police and technology experts Nate created an innovative, life-saving smartphone app to combat our nation’s #1 act of domestic terrorism: the active shooter.

The Company, Guard911, has one mission in mind, reduce the police notification time to these senseless acts of violence. During every one of these incidents there remains one common denominator, a shorter police response time can and WILL save lives.

Guard911 released their first service in August 2014 called SchoolGuard which is offered to K-12 schools and is active in several schools across the nation. The second service, CampusGuard911, is now available as well as services to the private sector.

The Guard911 services work in concert with the Hero911 Network which is a nonprofit (501c-3) foundation ( This is a smartphone app free and exclusive to federal, state and local law enforcement officers who can download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores. There are thousands of police officers from all 50 states and Canada who have downloaded the Hero911 app. These officers will be alerted, on or off duty, if they are ever in close proximity to an armed intruder or active shooting emergency through a Guard911 protected property. Of over 1 million apps in the Apple App Store alone, the Hero911 app is the ONLY app ever approved where there is a police vetting phase. &

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