Roberto “Justice” Narvaez

Roberto “Justice” Narvaez


Region: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Robert “Justice” Narvaez is the CEO of ELITE T.W.O. (Tactical Waterborne Officer & Tactical Weapons & Operational training) a Veteran owned business with a multi missioned purpose providing the first “Maritime Active Shooter Concepts and Strategies course.  As the lead trainer, Robert “Justice” Narvaez understands the complexity and critical training it takes for a unified team to meet its mission’s goal.  In over 20 years in the United States Coast Guard /Federal Officer/DHS Robert has trained 2,500+ U.S. LEO’s and 600+ foreign military and federal forces. Robert, a vital former member and trainer for the Deployable Operations Group (D.O.G.) led Anti-Terrorism missions INCONUS and OCONUS including a specialized team in the Commissioning Court in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba that oversaw movements of the five Terrorist responsible for the attacks on 9/11. Robert has trained with and in SWAT tactics for 9 years. These tactics enabled him to develop many specialized “Real World Strategic Survival” training programs that would be utilized by Federal Agencies within DHS. His experience led to the implementation of a West Coast Special Response Team. Robert has also been responsible for training members of various CST-WMD (Civil Support Teams), conducted operations with USBP, CBP, US AIR MARSHALL’s Orange County Sheriff’s department, LA Port Police and LAPD.

Robert has been certified and completed several day/night Active Shooter Strategies courses through LASD and FEMA Course IS-00907 Active Shooter. Certified through DHS/FEMA in: Law Enforcement Prevention & Deterrence of Terrorist Acts – Instructor / Train the Trainer, certified in Force Encounter Analysis: Understanding Human Performance during Critical Incidents.

Robert has conducted over 3000+ LE missions that included Alien Migration Interdiction, Human Trafficking, and Narcotic Smuggling in the Caribbean, California, Texas, Central America and Columbia. Throughout his  military career Robert has been awarded 1 Coast Guard Commendation Medal, 4 Coast Guard Achievement Medals, 1 Navy Joint Service Achievement Medal, and 1 Army Achievement Medal for his dedication, knowledge, and professionalism.

At ELITE T.W.O., we do everything to ensure the quality of training you and your agency receive is of the highest caliber. Your safety is our highest priority. Our responsibility is to provide you and your agency with Elite Tactics and Techniques resulting in effective and successful missions. We set our self apart with an unwavering integrity and strict code of ethics providing the safest training to Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, Military, Private Sector and Civilians in our Homeland.  We will provide the most current training best suited to your agencies specific mission.  Through constant engagement we will assist in the change and or implementation of training programs, Law Enforcement Missions, Contingency Plans and Real World Strategic Survival.

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