About Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek

Chris Grollnek Active Shooter Expert

Christopher Grollnek, Founder of Several Active Shooter Prevention Companies with Separate Focuses.

About Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek 

Chris Grollnek is a retired McKinney, Texas, police officer and a former member of the United States Marine Corps. During his career as a police officer, Chris Grollnek served on the departments Tactical Team as an member of the entry and breaching teams.  Along with the SWAT Team, Chris held several other coveted positions, including Advanced Tactics Instructor and  lead instructor for the Department’s Firearms Training Program with Officer Ting Sun.  Chris is the founder of several active shooter prevention companies, CGPGMG, LLC which focuses on all persons except police for training prevention techniques aside from stopping shooters while focusing on self preservation.  CCG, LLC was the original company that drove home training to all walks with three key focal points: 1. Train Prevention for Active Shooter Events – 2. Train Police to respond and mitigate the after effects of an incident – 3. Work with companies as a “on-call consulting company for after incident mitigation.  Chris Grollnek is now nationally recognized as one of the leading experts and authorities on the phenomenon of “active shooter” events. He has appeared on numerous networks, including Fox, CBS and CNN.  Through this interaction; the media has bestowed the term active shooter prevention expert on Chris Grollnek and it followed story to story.  The credibility to carry this title stems from two incidents domestically that Chris was involved in and possessing a Post Graduate Degree on the topic.

Chris has since led his interests in all companies to established subject matter experts and makes himself available for interviews as needed.  Currently, Chris Grollnek is involved in sensitive work reducing risks for children against this incredible phenomenon of gunmen in schools.  For now, this is not public information and the companies established with their unique mission statements will march on without any ties to Chris Grollnek in order for him to complete his work in the most ethical manner possible.  This has never been about money and this sabbatical demonstrates the true nature of all parties involved.

An active shooter is an individual who opens fire on innocent victims. Mass shootings are one of the most steadily increasing crimes, and these episodes continue to become more deadly. According to experts on active shooters, effectively dealing with these situations requires all law enforcement officers to receive the proper training and equipment.

In order to meet this demand, the Justice Department has teamed up with private contractors such as S.A.F.E.S.T. Strategic Alliance to provide officials with active shooter training. More than 50,000 front-line law enforcement officials and 7,000 commanders throughout state and federal agencies have now received specialized training on active shooter response.  To date, over 100k people have been reached by the free active shooter prevention video written and directed by Chris Grollnek for public release with the intent to educate as many as possible at no charge.

Retired police officer and former U.S. Marine Chris Grollnek has dedicated his life to utilizing his knowledge and training to protect those who may be less equipped. As a founding member of CGPGMG, LLC  S.A.F.E.S.T. LLC and #activeshooterexpert, Chris Grollnek provides law enforcement officials and the public at-large with training on how to respond to active shooter critical incidents and events.

An active shooter is a person or persons who use weapons, not always firearms, towards individuals, often in crowded areas, to kill or maim as many as people as possible. Because most of these instances are over before law enforcement officials arrive, (seven (7) minutes) knowing how to respond is sometimes the difference between life and death for the people involved. Police average response time on a national level is in creasing from 14 to 17-minutes. Several tips are important if an episode occurs with an active shooter. Chris wrote and directed a Public Safety Announcement (PSA) video, which was made free for viewing to everyone that focuses on survival techniques related to these types of incidents. The video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xua5GarNdc

Evacuate: Find an escape route and evacuate, regardless of whether or not others in the area follow. Leave belongings behind and, if possible, help others escape. Call 911 the moment you are safe and follow the instructions of law enforcement officials.

Hide: If you cannot evacuate, find a place to hide that is outside the view of the shooter as a temporary status. Seek shelter in doorways, behind trees, and behind other obstacles. Be sure not to trap yourself or restrict movement.

Take Action: Aggressive action is solely a last resort only when your life is in immediate danger. Distract the shooter by being aggressive, improvising weapons, and yelling.

When law enforcement arrives, drop anything you may be holding, raise your hands in the air, and spread your fingers. Always keep your hands visible and avoid sudden movements. When given permission, evacuate the premises as directed by the officers. Keep moving and do not stop and ask for help.

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About Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek



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