Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek Returns

Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Training Company – Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek Returns

With the recent escalation of active shooter incidents, terrorism, workplace and public violence, companies, organizations and schools are requiring immediate training solutions. These solutions go beyond the tech-phase to reach human interaction to induce prevention through understanding of mass murderers and their motives. When we comprehend that every mass murderer or person wanting to inflict harm on others in a dynamic and sinister way typically gives notice of intent, we may be able to prevent more incidents than report or witness.

In 2009 Active Shooter Events began to be the centerpiece for media broadcast regarding mass murder in the workplace and school districts. A brief reprieve was enjoyed in the nightly news until Fort Hood regained the attention of these types of events with a higher profile elementary school shooting shortly thereafter. This sent the need for prevention into hyper drive.

While not a new issue, Chris Grollnek recognized that few companies actually taught the first on scene (the people inside the events) of active shooters/workplace homicidal incidents, how to survive without physical altercations. These philosophies were not developed through academic research alone, nor the mere study of history. Instead, Chris took his experience of being involved in two live domestic active shooter events (only one of three people in the nation to have this experience) and reverse engineered them for an inside understanding. These events re-focused his Masters Degree studies to research this phenomenon. Chris was inducted into the National Honors Society while continuing to develop new strategies for survival and risk mitigation.

Gaining Experience in Active Shooter Events

The first incident was in McKinney Texas in 2010 when a man came to replicate the Oklahoma City Bombing by attacking the Public Safety Building. Thankfully, through environmental design, the building faired well against his 168 rounds and his rampage scored zero victims with the exception of himself. By mixing the wrong formula for his improvised explosive device coupled with a wind and scope calculation error, this ‘would-be’ executioners day ended shot by officers and prior to his apprehension, he committed suicide to evade capture.

Chris Grollnek MPD

Map of Damage from Active Shooter Attack on McKinney Police Public Safety Building

The next event that shaped his understanding of active shooter events occurred on Cape Canaveral Blvd on the way to Cocoa Beach in Florida with his family. The unique perspective from inside each of these events is what makes him one of the nations most sought professionals for mitigation and management strategies.

Man Kills Six

Chris Grollnek and family interviewed following Active Shooter Incident in Office Part

Following the advancement of the company, Chris recruited several partners from the Special Operations Commands, Senior Attorneys from the Department of Justice (DEA), and Psychological Experts (in their own right on the subject of mass murderers). Shortly thereafter, Chris brought in experts from a host of School Resource Officers with experience in actual school shooting events. These experts are the most capable in the drafting of prevention strategies and actual risk mitigation should an event occur.

This dynamic group of individuals went on to become the National Authority on the subject of Active Shooter Prevention. Following the vision and mission development that Chris outlined, CCG began to work with corporations, schools and enigmatic agencies.

As demand dictated, Chris and Dave Bolgiano began recruiting several other Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in the industry on a variety of topics and grew to a force no other company could replicate. During this time, Chris worked with Colonel Morgan Banks of Operational Phycology to develop a new strategy of “Behavioral Modification Messaging” for a PSA project. In 2013 CCG released their PSA on Active Shooter Prevention in conjunction with Parroco TV that was released at no charge to help as many people as possible survive through education.

Chris Grollnek as Seen on Nation Television Broadcasts

Chris Grollnek as Seen on Nation Television Broadcasts

In 2012 and to present day, through a series of in depth interviews, the media to include Anderson Cooper 360, The Morning Show with Joe Johns and several other national television networks bestowed the moniker “Active Shooter Expert” upon him. Radio and print journalism continue requests for interviews. Chris now limits his appearances and comments to incidents rising to national security threat levels.

National Media Broadcasts

CNN Anderson Cooper

Chris Grollnek on CNN Morning Show

In December 2013/January 2014, Chris sold his shares to alleviate a conflict of interests to pursue the vision he had years before at a higher level than can be shared for a purpose bigger than himself. Chris wrapped up this endeavor in early 2015 to once again fill the void that continues to exist.

Following his governmental obligations in 2014, Chris recognized that his former company had drifted from his initial vision and has returned to fill the void in the market place for active shooter prevention training. CCG continues to do business with a focus on security risk assessments.

In 2002 Chris Grollnek testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on the needs for training to thwart terrorism on the Homeland. Now full circle, terroristic attacks are being masked by active shooter incidents and active shooter incidents confused with terrorism. Although there is crossover, there are distinct differences.

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek Returns

Advantages and Disadvantages

Chris Grollnek Masters Paper on Policies for Policing and Governance – A Grouping of Ideas for Best Practices

Today, Chris has picked up where he left off in December 2013 while continuing to be Internationally recognized as [the] Active Shooter Prevention Expert. Realizing the need to evaluate and attenuate Active Shooter Events, in 2014 a private equity firm stepped in to fund and manage the original active shooter training company CGPGMG, LLC. The mission is that of the original concept, to assist others in preparing for the unthinkable: an Active Shooter Event. CGPGMG consults in the training and understanding of preventing active shooter events by relating mass murderers motives and prior acts of violence. Other training programs include, recognition of threats, safe school initiatives, security risk assessments, corporate investigations and case management strategies.

Chris has partnered with retired senior military officers from the Special Operations Forces, as well as chiefs of police and commanders in specialized covert fields. Psychologists from special mission units and the Intelligence Community round out CGPGMG Consulting’s field of subject matter experts.

Chris Grollnek is driven to expertly teach the skills required to avoid and, if necessary, respond safely with minimum risk to potentially volatile situations. Chris has morphed his unique experience of being involved in two active shooter events into a world-class company that is one of the nation’s leading active shooter prevention options for corporate America.

Documentary on the Evolution of Active Shooters

Presently, Chris’s main focus is working on a National Geographic special detailing the evolution and progression of the active shooter incident. Each event tries to out do the last and Chris believes preparing for an ultimate incident needs to be balanced so fear mongering does not take over. The American woman and accomplices arrested in Nova Scotia Canada in February 2015 demonstrate some of the types of incidents we must prepare our families to deal with. Chris has mastered the art of balancing education and awareness while subtracting fear with an application of common sense.

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek Returns

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About Active Shooter Prevention Expert

Active Shooter Training and Domestic Terrorism Prevention Expert PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Chris Grollnek is an award winning former lead police investigator and one of the nation’s highly sought Active Shooter Prevention and Physical Security Experts. Through lecturing, training and responding to critical incidents as an independent investigator, at the request of public officials and private entities, Chris assists in shaping public and private safety standards. Recognized as a pivotal leader in security change management strategies, Chris has a proven record of success in implementing strategic policy for both government entities and corporations. He is frequently sought by national media outlets to provide contributing insight on the phenomena of active shooter events and domestic terrorism. Chris is a dynamic, forward-thinking physical security manager and vulnerability analyst.
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