Active Shooter Prevention Mission through Media

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek Shifting the Paradigm

Active Shooter Prevention Mission through Media

The cornerstone of CGPGMG is providing researchers and governmental entities with empirical research data for statistical analysis and publication. Having said that; Chris Grollnek provides media interviews and corporate consultations with the intent to educate  others on effective  skills unique to surviving a critical incident; specifically, an “Active Shooter.”

The Statistics to Focus the Shift of Who Needs Prevention Training:

The average active shooter incident is over in 12-minutes or less.  The average national response time to an active shooter call for service for police to arrive on scene and inside is 14-minutes.  I ask you this; who is in need of prevention training?  The people inside during the first 12-minutes or the police showing up after the incident is over conducting secondary searches? Training police on response tactics and active shooter apprehension and altering their ability to continue a rampage is a key focus of CGPGMG and several other companies.  With the unique perspective of being inside two active shooter events domestically, Chris Grollnek sees these event(s) as few others can.  Making the decision to complete his post graduate studies on the phenomena of active shooter events, the media continues to bestow the moniker “active shooter prevention expert” on Chris Grollnek. Active Shooter prevention mission through media can ignite the need and tools that are free for everyone to begin to take advantage of will assist in reducing casualties in the future.

In the video Superstes, written and directed by Internationally recognized active shooter prevention expert Chris Grollnek, basic information exists for free with tips and guiding philosophies of survival through suggestive behavior for everyone.  The half million dollar project was privately funded and released at no charge in an effort to promote safety and change for the  understanding of active shooter incidents.  In a captivating 26-minute window, Chris Grollnek and other subject matter experts provide essential life saving guidance for self preservation.  CGPGMG and Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC continues to host the video for free and continue reaching the public with well over 100k unique views to date on several Internet channels for those with little to no formal training.

In the realm of Active Shooter planning, mitigation and response, there has been a tremendous focus placed on law enforcement and first responders: tactics, techniques and procedures for those answering the 911 calls.  While this an important aspect of an Active Shooter response plan, it is not an effective and holistic approach.  Everyone should focus much more attention to educating and training the people that will be there first, which of course are the ones within an incident as it evolves.  Better stated; a “non law enforcement or security person with training” on “stopping” an active shooter.  This video is similar to a map with suggestive routes of mitigation when and if needing to to react in a deadly force station perpetuated by an active-shooter incident.

Just as the everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire alarm; the importance of wearing seat belts; or, to expect the presence of automatic external defibrillators, we continue to educate people on how to react if confronted by an active shooter.

It will continue to be a fact of life that police officers will always be there to respond to the calls for service and write reports following an active shooter or critical incident.  But as all FBI reports demonstrate, the number of Active Shooter incidents in the past decade continues to rise and in the past year has risen three fold. The absolute need to reach as many as possible to teach techniques on surviving by themselves, until law enforcement and emergency first responders can reach them is paramount.

Media Specific Interview Request(s)

CGPGMG, LLC has a corporate policy of not providing interviews regarding school shootings where victims are Pre K through 9th graders. This “vetting” process regarding which interviews to grant and which to pass on has been tried and true and we do not waiver on this practice.  Further, interviews with the desire to criticize first responders’ efforts are not given; unless the response is negligent which directly causes additional casualties.  Speculation of “post incident” alternative responses will not change outcomes therefore we will not opine on such courses of action.  In rare instances, CGPGMG offers expert “optional” opinions as to a less intrusive or more deliberate response.

Active Shooter Prevention Mission through Media

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About Active Shooter Prevention Expert

Active Shooter Training and Domestic Terrorism Prevention Expert PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Chris Grollnek is an award winning former lead police investigator and one of the nation’s highly sought Active Shooter Prevention and Physical Security Experts. Through lecturing, training and responding to critical incidents as an independent investigator, at the request of public officials and private entities, Chris assists in shaping public and private safety standards. Recognized as a pivotal leader in security change management strategies, Chris has a proven record of success in implementing strategic policy for both government entities and corporations. He is frequently sought by national media outlets to provide contributing insight on the phenomena of active shooter events and domestic terrorism. Chris is a dynamic, forward-thinking physical security manager and vulnerability analyst.
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