Active Shooter Training Information

Active Shooter Training Information

Police response to Active Shooter Events (ASE) have become standardized in the years following Columbine. Since the Columbine ASE, dozens of ASE’s have provided law enforcement with a dramatic learning curve on how to respond and deal with these scenarios. However, the preparation and threat mitigation planning to avoid ASE’s is not yet standardized. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and various other federal law enforcement and non-governmental agencies have guidelines for ASE threat mitigation planning; however, these guidelines do not go far enough. With experience and perspective from inside events, Chris Grollnek has more experience in the subject than most experts inside the Government today.  Continuing to do security assessments to reduce active shooter events and writing proprietary prevention plans and continuity of operations plans, Chris Grollnek is sought beyond capacity for two years now.  With the leading team in understanding and prevention these types of events, Chris has switched all his focus to his wife company CGPGMG, LLC to become the standard in these types of assessments to diminish liability and insulate corporate liability.  The venues most recently tended to include institutions of higher learning, multi location campus facilities, star driven concert performances, and the highest of secure and sensitive United States Government locations and their contractors.

The most sensitive and secure of locations are just a sample of day to day operations for the consultants of CGPGMG, LLC

The most sensitive and secure of locations are just a sample of day to day operations for the consultants of CGPGMG, LLC

Security is Not Cheap and it is Difficult to Measure the Events you Prevent

Owners, administrators, and managers assume that solutions for a secure area is spending there way into the trap of high tech security.   Training and planning documentation is often set aside and thought to be covered by the owners manuals for the equipment installed to take the pace of either.  Should an event take place at your location, think through who will be the deciding factor to mitigate the aftermath.  Yes, deterrence is essential but planning for the worst and writing exceptional plans that are realistic and tailored to your location will save your business beyond monetary liability.  This simple and semi costly endeavor is a one time expense that can be re-molded and wrote annually so that expense evaporates over the years.  It is more than a plan or an assessment, it is a full proof way to demonstrate your concern for the professionals within your scope to have piece of mind.

Chris Grollnek recommends subject matter experts be brought in even if not his!  Thousands can be found on social media but its the ones with reviews and referrals you want to seek out.  This is sometimes easier said than done due to confidentiality agreements but there are always ways to get professional recommendations.  For example, is there a spot on the compose website with a “professional reference” page?  If not, ask for some.  Can the following questions be answered to your satisfaction or the satisfaction of your security mangers opinion?

  • Do you have experience with actual active shooter incidents?  If so, which ones?
  • Does your education or professional development include thesis style work on the topic?
  • How many security reviews and or security advances have you done for large events, venues or public gatherings?
  • If your security manager believes in the assessor, its probably a best fit.
  • Is HR involved in the interview process for a contractor vetting?  If not, why not?

These of course are the cornerstones to an initial vetting,ultimately you will know who is right for your location and who will fit with your people.


Active shooter incidents and the like will never be fully stopped.  With that initial understanding, one can determine which approach they chose to take to work on the right plan for the right location.  Are there ways to mitigate the actual risk and reduce those factors to meet your needs while not interrupting your daly workplace?  CGPGMG, LLC has a proven track record of success providing assessments, training all levels of stff from security to facilities to “C-Level” executive briefings that meet their needs, not the ones imposed by traditional contractors.  These are easy steps to start and continue with that will cost more not to do should any incident occur.  Legal, media and workplace safety feelings will be key in continuity of operations…

Active Shooter Training Information

Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek

April 2011/advice column for publication#5932

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