Active Shooter Training is for Everyone

Chris Grollnek in the news

Fort Hood Shooting April 3-2014 demonstrates need for Active Shooter Prevention Training for Everyone

Active Shooter Training is for Everyone

One of the nations’ leading experts on the prevention of active shooter incidents, Chris Grollnek, was recently quoted in several news article stating; “Active Shooter Training is for Everyone.” This comes in the wake of the second tragedy at Fort Hood during their recent active shooter incident killing three and wounding 11.  This is one of many shootings recently that gained media traction because of the location and perceived “safe environment” of the military installation.

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Ivan Lopez killed three and wounded 11 others before committing suicide. Lopez served four months as a truck driver in 2011 during the war in Iraq. He suffered no wounds while deployed, however, was being evaluated and seeking medical treatment for depression, anxiety, and other issues. Lopez’s father stated that his son had been distraught over the recent deaths of his mother and grandfather.

Allegedly, Lopez had requested a leave of absence from the army, however he was denied permission to attend his mother’s funeral in Puerto Rico. He was later granted only 24 hours to attend. The investigation is showing signs of this being the “triggering point” of his killing spree.

Witnesses close to the shooting stated that there was an argument between Lopez and another soldier. Minutes following the altercation, Lopez returned with a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and opened fire in a building.

This was the second deadly active shooter event at Fort Hood, and the third attack on a military installation in 5 years. In 2009, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 12 and wounded 30 individuals before being stopped by responding officers. In 2013, government contractor Aaron Alexis opened fire at the Washington Naval Yard, killing 12.

These events show that any place is vulnerable to the occurrence of an active shooter. Chris Grollnek, Founder of Countermeasure Consulting Group and now executive professional consultant recommended in a recent national news article for “military installations to aggressively seek prevention and training” and military bases would especially benefit from preparation for an active shooter. Active shooter incidents in the workplace or in public spaces can be evaluated for all citizens to better prepare for events like these.

Below is a link to another recent article from CBS News

Active Shooter Training is for Everyone

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Active Shooter Training and Domestic Terrorism Prevention Expert PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Chris Grollnek is an award winning former lead police investigator and one of the nation’s highly sought Active Shooter Prevention and Physical Security Experts. Through lecturing, training and responding to critical incidents as an independent investigator, at the request of public officials and private entities, Chris assists in shaping public and private safety standards. Recognized as a pivotal leader in security change management strategies, Chris has a proven record of success in implementing strategic policy for both government entities and corporations. He is frequently sought by national media outlets to provide contributing insight on the phenomena of active shooter events and domestic terrorism. Chris is a dynamic, forward-thinking physical security manager and vulnerability analyst.
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