Case on Jessie Daniel Green

Case on Jessie Daniel Green

Jessie Daniel Green was booked in Madison County, AL on 9/25/2015 at 07:36 for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THIRD DEGREE–CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, THIRD DEGREE

September 25, 2015, Jessie Daniel Green was arrested and booked for domestic assault and criminal mischief. Later that day, Heather Nicole Green filed a protective order against her estranged husband that was immediately granted by the Madison County District Court without a hearing. Judge Claude E. Hundley III later issued a final hearing to be set for Friday, October 9, 2015. Whether it was known to heather or not, Jessie attended the hearing that day, and when she did not attend, the protective order was dismissed. It remains to be seen whether or not she even knew about the hearing, or that the order was dismissed that day or not. Three days later, on October 12, 2015, heather Nicole Green was murdered in front of her three children parked in her vehicle in a parking lot adjacent to the Huntsville Medical Utilities Building.

“That was two weeks ago, so much has happened since then, this is old news.” That is absolutely right, and the exact reason why I waited two weeks to write this. Because the sad reality is that so much “has” happened since then, specifically, situations very similar to this incident happen every day in this country, and are quickly forgotten by the masses because they are so desensitized by now, if they don’t know the individuals involved, they don’t care. The other side is that we rarely hear about it because it “is” too similar to everything else relating to domestic violence and doesn’t’ hold enough differentiating factors to warrant a thirty second spot in the news. I bet you know every detail about that drug addict “fighting for his life” because he overdosed at a brothel though. That, is unfortunate, and perfectly annotates the sad state that we live in now. When a mother of three, recently separated and living in fear from her own husband, files for some form of “help and awareness” with the court, and all they can do is give her a piece of paper that says they told him to go away, we are in trouble as a country.

Now granted, a protective order for individuals hell-bent on a violent mission is the equivalent to a “gun free zone” sign at a school; but this situation not only plays out perpetually in this country, but could also have been prevented. Diverting from the obvious hindsight being 20/20 comments, a rational response to the prevention of such horrific incidents is critical to ensure this doesn’t continue to occur in this country any longer. Unless they are locked up, a known violent individual has wide open access to his/her target without any deterrence. A slightly unfair statement given that authorities can’t follow every criminal and protect everyone, but domestic violence cases, especially when children are involved, and separation has occurred between spouses or significant others, is a special circumstance that warrants more attention. The amount of lives affected increases dramatically when children are involved in these violent incidents and the individual occurrences they’re subjected to at a young age carry a higher potential of negatively impacting who they become as adults. Prevention is the key, but it can only be accomplished through ambition, self-reliance, and training. We cannot rely on the system to fix everything, and the authorities or help to “get there” in time, much like knowing CPR, or what to do if your friend is choking, if you have a volatile situation brewing, recognizing and mitigating that issue before it escalates is crucial to survival. There are very few words you can say to someone in the middle of a “rage’ that will de-escalate a situation, but it is very difficult to assault someone who isn’t there or one that can defend themselves. Whether you are confident with your hands, or not, there are always pre-incident indicators that will reveal that the “honeymoon” is over and it is time to move on, physically and emotionally.


Written for Chris Grollnek by Chris W. Martin
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