Forging the Triton

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Forging the Triton

Robert “Justice” Narvaez, CEO ELITE T.W.O.

Forging the Triton

Forging the Triton – Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure

Forging the Triton

Prevention, Response and Mitigation. Over the last twenty years these words were ingrained in everyday missions and training. As an SME in Maritime Tactics and Operations my primary mission was securing our Nation against Acts of Terrorism, while protecting and patrolling our Ports and Waterways, Critical Infrastructures, Ports of Entry, Shorefront Facilities, Ferry landings, Cruise ship terminals and the High seas from Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking and Counter Drug – Alien Migration Interdiction Operations (CD-AMIO) but there was still room on the plate for more.

One thing was certain, our world was changing and so was our country. Criminals and Terrorist alike transformed and took on different shapes, ethnicities, various economic backgrounds and began to blend into society. As a 20 year Veteran and Federal Officer of Homeland Security, I’ve witnessed hundreds and thousands of persons attempting to enter the country illegally yet the number is unclear on how many practice runs were thwarted that could have led to a major strike. The Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Coast surround us and everyday 24/7 a vessel regardless of its size attempts to and at times succeed by crossing into our State waters. This mode of conveyance can be a small raft crossing the Rio Grande near McAllen, Texas, a Panga entering the shores of San Diego or Rancho Palos Verde, California, or a Go-Fast beaching itself in Key West, Florida and the worst yet a Self-Propelled Semi-Submersible as we’ve seen recently capable of carrying 275 bales of Cocaine worth a mere $181 million. Now imagine Terrorist and WMD onboard.

Forging the Triton. It represents Trust, Unity, Opposition and the beginning, the middle and the end. One prong represents us as protectors of Justice distinguishing the right from wrong. This can be defined as our experience and training, protecting the weak. Our sights are set high and we follow protocol ever so boldly standing our watch while the other prong is our added strength. Bound together we are a force that over powers the injustice and now true vigilance can be seen as a force multiplier. Forging the tip of the triton is our goal. A strong and determined multi agency asset that is dauntless in every way. Building this foundation and uniting various agencies creates both courageous men and women. All that is left is to protect our shores, our nation and our freedom. The first waypoint is Elite T.W.O..

Prevention is Paramount. Today few agencies conduct inner departmental training on scenario based high threats. Keeping training in house proves to be a clutch. Sometimes receiving training from the guy that says, “Been there, done that, still paying the bill”, helps. As a former Port Partner trainer in Los Angeles, California multi-agency mission training proved to be effective. Having a Maritime unit conduct vessel tactics and knowing that they have never stepped foot onboard a vessel raises a flag. Conducting well over 3000+ LE missions, I stepped up to the challenge and won. At times two or more state and federal LEO’s would absorb all the training I could throw at them in an 8 to 40 hour week. Threat Recognition and real world scenarios were vital. Each department acting upon their existing MOU and SOP’s to see how effective their response was. Remember, if you see something, say something. Ask yourself how does one get Advanced Shipboard Tactics training?

Forging the Triton

Marintime Operations and Forging the Triton

Response, seconds count. Knowing that you have an effective SOP says a lot but having the right MOU in place speaks volumes. Our coastline ranges in thousands of miles therefore we cannot possibly cover every shoreline. Proper training can lead to the capture of undocumented nationals, narcotic traffickers, human /sex traffickers alike. Tabletop exercises can allow various agencies to respond from land, sea and air while putting their capabilities to the test. Remember this, if you always put your special team through this training time and time again then your patrolman can only perform to their highest level of training. Since operational events like serving a warrant can be planned, Active Shooter events are not, nor are Violence in the workplace, or bombings at crowded events. Our training can determine our response time, our response time can determine if a fellow officer has sufficient back up or allow one a child a chance to survive a violent encounter. When was your last S.MA.R.T. / C.U.F training?

Mitigation, Analyzing the Risk. Imagine 2000 citizens preparing to board a cruise liner when an explosion goes off near the main entrance. Shots are being fired into this crowd, threat recognition cannot be made for the first three seconds from the partial smoke filled room. You see the gunman in the pandemonium, you raise your sights ready to fire and a second explosion goes off at the nearest exit. Body parts are propelled through the room along with shots fired from six strategically placed gunmen. What sounds like multiple freight trains crashing is a series of explosions from the cruise ship 100 yards away. We all know that we should have a Secondary and Tertiary plan but if they go south quickly, how could we have ever reduced the human risk that day? What’s your R.I.S.C.?

ELITE T.W.O. As a Veteran Owned Business, ELITE T.W.O. is multi missioned. Providing the safest training to Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement, Military/CST, Private Sector and Civilians in our Homeland. We will provide up to date training that is best suited for your agency specific mission no matter if it’s Maritime or land based. Through constant engagement we will assist in the change and or implementation of training programs, Law Enforcement missions, Contingency Plans and Real World Strategic Survival™. We currently have the only Maritime Active Shooter Concepts & Strategies ™ course in the nation. We are certified through DHS/FEMA in: Law Enforcement Prevention & Deterrence of Terrorist Acts Instructor / Train the Trainer. Certified in Force Encounter Analysis: Understanding Human Performance During Critical Incidents.

With 20 years in specialized training you can rely on ELITE T.W.O. to enhance your agency or Corporation’s training programs therefore conducting effective and successful missions. Elite T.W.O. also provides T.A.K.E.N. Protective Detail training for the successful transfer of victims of Human Trafficking. We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics. For more information visit our website at or email us at

About the author, Lead trainer, Robert “Justice” Narvaez understands the complexity and critical training it takes for a unified team to meet its missions goal. Over the years Robert has trained with and in SWAT tactics and participated in numerous SWAT Round up events, trained with Federal Agencies within DHS and assisted in the implementations of specialized units. He has also been responsible for training members of various CST-WMD(Civil Support Teams), conducted operations with USBP, CBP, US AIR MARSHALL’s and completed several training courses on day/night Active Shooter Strategies and FEMA Course IS-00907 Active Shooter. Through his time in the military Robert has been awarded numerous achievements and special commendations (1 Coast Guard Commendation Medal, 4 Coast Guard Achievement Medals, 1 Navy Joint Service Achievement Medal, and 1 Army Achievement Medal) for his dedication, knowledge, and professionalism. Justice is also a “Strategic Partner” at working in alliance with Chris Grollnek.

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