Governor Sarah Palin Interviews Chris Grollnek

Governor Sarah Palin Interviews Chris Grollnek

Governor Sarah Palin Interviews Chris Grollnek

Governor Sarah Palin Interviews Chris Grollnek

Governor Sarah Palin Interviews Chris Grollnek

Governor Sarah Palin ON-POINT” One America News Network – OANN

News Reporters Ambushed and Executed with interviewee recovers in hospital. Our hearts and prayers are saddened for the families and co-workers and friends of all the victims. Lest we forget, the co-workers and friends are victims too because this tragedy took so much from their own life #activeshooterexpert

As tragic as these events are to read, report and watch the aftermath, they’re all preventable. In fact, there are several laws demanding compliance training for workplace violence prevention and training for your employees. Why be reactive when you and your workplace can be preventative? One you can protect your employees at a very reasonable cost and second, your employees will know what to do before something goes wrong. Click Here to contact us for your assessment and compliance management requirements and more than reasonable cost. Mention this link and receive 10% off your training package. How much are your employees lives worth?

Read about compliance here…

Story from video to follow:

Deceased Victims: Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Suspect – Vester Flanagan AKA Brice Williams

The reporters were “working” like anyone else anywhere else and a fellow / former co-worker decided he was at a breaking point and this ended like most with the shooter not wanting to be confronted and taking his own life – he systematically and methodically planned this attack out and then broadcast it on social media to get “revenge.”

Look at the faces of the victims; they were frozen in time as if they had no idea what to do, React Escape Survive – look at surroundings.

Are you in tune with “Fight, Flight or Freeze?

Are you in tune with "Fight, Flight or Freeze?

Are you in tune with “Fight, Flight or Freeze? by Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek

This is an example that helps illustrate on precious seconds that could make all the difference…

Have you or your company had a security assessment or a Tabletop Exercise? Etc?

We have free resources but they do need a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help guide through building a plan and training employees – its must less than the cost of dealing with an incident –

Gun Violence – I DISAGREE – IT was violence carried out with a gun no different than the man that used his car at the Census Bureau or the man that used a plane to fly into the IRS building – ALL DISGRUNTELED FORMER EMPLOYEES

This was work-place violence and everyone interviewed have had one reoccurring common theme; “We knew there was something wrong with that person.”

This shows there is no race that plays a factor into people that go on murderous sprees and no laws about guns that will help the next victims or the past

The only thing we can do is focus on the four corners of an event:

1: The location

2: The people at the location

3: The shooter

4: The police responding

The incidents are over in less than seven minutes, the police take 17 minutes to respond.

Question: Why not put prevention metrics in place instead of reactionary processes?

There are several compliance requirements for work place violence prevention and few are “in compliance” and one this type of incident occurs, everyone says, why always knew… This was a tragedy, as a personal note, I am humbled to be on with Governor Palin and my heart and prayers are with the families of the lost victims and the one recovering in the hospital in Virginia. Blessing to many that will need prayers over the coming days, weeks, month and years to come. We stand with you at CGPGMG and are always available to reach out to  for anything that we can do for you or your loved ones.


Chris Grollnek


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