Guiding Principals

Guiding Principals

CPGPMG, LLC would like to take this opportunity to provide you with this summary to refer to before, during, and after our consulting proposal and function is completed.  The process of choosing the appropriate professionals to address your needs can be challenging.  Founder and President Chris Grollnek, wants to ensure that we make the most positive impact during your pursuit to retain the most suitable company.  Below you will see the added benefits our team possess and exercise to fulfill your needs.




Highest moral compass


Lead by example, inspiring others thru actions and attitude


Pro-active and highly motivated


Confidence that achieves winning results


Fearless to think “outside the box”, confident to solve problems


Demonstrated ability to make on the spot decisions


Track record for completing near impossible tasks

Goal Oriented

Continually striving for excellence in all endeavors


Focused, positive energy that is contagious

It is our desire for you to recognize the values of our corporate vision.  Attitude, determination, and drive are the three essential core competencies CGPGMG brings to offer reasonable solutions.   The company is comprised of leading professionals from a specific core set of attributes who have chosen national and community service as their primary profession.  With close to three hundred years of combined experience, CGPGMG is uniquely positioned to evaluate your campus and or facility for a security through environmental design assessment to provide you a measured solution.  Through experience, education, formal training and dedication, our ability to provide suggestions from a federal security strategy that meets the highest security standards known while being mindful of an open and welcoming environment.

The consultant pricing structure for CGPGMG, LLC are very similar to others in the industry that are qualified in our personal opinion.  All situations are unique but we provide a straight forward approach to help budget offices plan for our visits.

The CGPGMG LLC Team Guiding Principals

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CGPGMG, LLC Active Shooter Consultants and Experts from all paths that lead to your success – Chris Grollnek