Photographer Shines Spotlight On Preventing Workplace Violence

Photographer Shines Spotlight On Preventing Workplace Violence

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The murder of a TV news reporter and photographer by a former coworker is a wakeup call about issues surrounding workplace violence.

A former manager of the Virginia station says the shooter, a former reporter, had been fired two years and caused enough of a scene that the station called police.

Hector Alvarez, a security expert, trains companies in workplace safety. He says while the incidents may be hard to time out, there are almost always warning signs.

“There is no checklist, there is no profile of the person that will come back and do this. What there is, however, is a very clear pattern of behaviors leading up to it,” he said.

Often times, he says, it’s from the same type of people.

“I like to call these injustice collectors. They hold a grievance and no matter what you try to do, they don’t resolve, and their reaction is disproportionate to what the incident is,” he said.

One incident happened in the Sacramento area back in 2012 when a disgruntled former employee shot and killed Cordova Recreation and Park District superintendent Steve Ebert as he arrived at work.

Alvarez says to cut back on workplace violence, employees must speak up when they hear threats or witness odd behavior. Employers must protect employees who make reports, and companies have to investigate cases and notify law enforcement.

“We have to protect the people who bring concerns forward, just as much as the person who is the object of the threat,” he said.

While not all incidents can be avoided, he says it’s frustrating how many cases he’s seen where a threat was made or behavior turned bizarre, but no one spoke up.

Photographer Shines Spotlight On Preventing Workplace Violence

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And another interview from Hector who is one of the foremost experts in Work Place Violence and how to train to prevent it…

Class Teaches What to do During an Active Shooter Situation


It happened in a matter of minutes Thursday, bullets flew and victims at Umpqua Community College in Oregon had just seconds to realize that a 26-year-old gunman was attacking them.

“Most people freeze,” Hector Alvarez told FOX40 Friday. Alvarez has 25-years of law enforcement experience and teaches classes on how to navigate an active shooter situation.

“This is what I tell my son and daughter, move, get out of the way!” Alvarez told a group of young professionals at the Safety Center in Sacramento Friday.

If you can’t run, Alvarez says hide, and use everything around you to build a barricade.

In the classroom at the Safety Center, Alvarez encouraged students to barricade themselves in the room by building a fortress of chairs and tables in front of the door.

For more information on classes, go to

About Active Shooter Prevention Expert

Active Shooter Training and Domestic Terrorism Prevention Expert PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Chris Grollnek is an award winning former lead police investigator and one of the nation’s highly sought Active Shooter Prevention and Physical Security Experts. Through lecturing, training and responding to critical incidents as an independent investigator, at the request of public officials and private entities, Chris assists in shaping public and private safety standards. Recognized as a pivotal leader in security change management strategies, Chris has a proven record of success in implementing strategic policy for both government entities and corporations. He is frequently sought by national media outlets to provide contributing insight on the phenomena of active shooter events and domestic terrorism. Chris is a dynamic, forward-thinking physical security manager and vulnerability analyst.
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