Security Today and Safe & Secure Campus Symposium

Security Today and Safe & Secure Campus Symposium

Campus Vulnerabilities and Pre Planning

Campus Vulnerabilities and Pre Planning

There is an incident on a campus every week. These tragic incidents at schools and universities have elevated the need for school administrators, security personnel, community leaders, emergency managers and educators to create and maintain a safer and secure campus environment.

Security experts and leaders from public and private institutions at all levels will offer education, training and insights to attendees on strategies, best practices and case studies for effectively preparing, preventing and responding to threats to students, faculty, administration and staff. The Safe and Secure Campus Symposium offers the best way for all attendees to learn in a cost effective way.

Chris Grollnek, the “Nations Leading Expert on Active Shooter Prevention and Campus Shooting Safety and Preparation” will be the special guest speaker this year.  Mr. Grollnek volunteered his time for a 45 minute presentation that filled every seat, ended up with standing room only to the back of the theater and went well over one hour.  With all this he still received one of the highest evaluation markings of speakers and guests asked for a part two.

Safe & Secure Campus Symposium will cover the following topics during workshopsLife Safety and Campus Security sessions:

  • Assessing & Managing Threats
  • Active Shooter
  • Reducing Safety Risks
  • Managing Events on Campus
  • Safe Schools, Best Practices
  • Crime Prevention
  • Combating Bullying
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Emergency Communications



Nov 19, 2014 / 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Security Today Seminar on Active Shooter Prevention and the "Real First Responders" by Chris Grollnek

Security Today Seminar on Active Shooter Prevention and the “Real First Responders” by Chris Grollnek

Each of us take steps every day to make our lives safer. While active shooter events are rare, the ever present threat is not to be ignored. Civilians must be taught how to survive until law enforcement and emergency first responders can reach them. They must become familiar with information, knowledge, steps and actions should an active shooter or workplace violence incident hit close to home. Survival is more than just instinctive, it needs to be honed and trained.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Active Shooter
  2. Define characteristics and pre-incident indicators
  4. Review post-incident operations

Security Today and Safe & Secure Campus Symposium

Best feedback a speaker enjoys receiving:  “This captivating presentation is not a power point learn as you go it’s a fact based passionate experience you must attend to understand.”

Thank you all who attended and watched on line, Chris Grollnek #activeshooterexpert

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