SME Chris Grollnek Called to Assist Baltimore

SME Chris Grollnek Called to Assist Baltimore

Chris Grollnek Subject Matter Expert

ReAct Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek – Senior SME


April 27, 2015                      

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Chris Grollnek, Active Shooter Prevention Expert and Policy Strategist

Freddie Gray’s Protest Riots: Baltimore Maryland called Chris Grollnek for prevention strategies last Friday with an emphasis on policy strategy and implementation. Chris Grollnek is the leading SME for the ReACT system in Chesapeake, VA providing solutions for American and International Businesses, Governmental Agencies and Families.


Just when we thought there were enough “experts” to go around, Chris Grollnek of ReACT seems to be the one everyone is turning to in times of crisis. With an inside track on this developing story, Chris not only studies the phenomena of this type of scourge but also speaks to groups young and old on how to prevent these incidents. Prevention is one thing, understanding and predicting is another.

Two years ago Chris Grollnek warned of eminent attacks on American Malls and as it turns out, the Director of Homeland Security seemed to agree with his assessment in March of 2015. The Director of Homeland Security issued a dire warning following the events in Nova Scotia, Canada where the RMCP ended up arresting a female American citizen planning to do the unthinkable at a mall in Canada. The arrest took place outside of the mall during the weekend of Valentines Day. This was not some type of predicted “prophecy,” it was his understanding that these incidents undoubtedly will evolve as history continues to demonstrate.

With his understanding of the progression of the active shooter and their motives, Chris Grollnek continues to create distance between other “experts” as he is continually correct in the 1: predictions and 2: the detailed reporting and interviewing of suspects and witnesses alike following events.  All warning signs remain present and he is the “turn-to” person for mitigating such risks and after action incident review and recovery. Few understand firearms are not the cornerstone of active shooter events which at times is difficult to present and differentiate between wording and incident details. These mass incidents stretch the resources of the normal event of any location, family, city, county, state or nation, the events have themes that directly correlate with bad news on the horizon.

Nothing has shown us more than Ferguson, Missouri and the incredible acts of a National agenda to debunk police or advocate for mass gatherings availing limitless powers to create chaos. Enter Baltimore; when the prevention strategies began, the National and local resources there turned to Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek and his unique wisdom to provide encompassing insight. While receiving such a request is a humbling experience, the situation was at an untenable point and limits to his ability were being placed before boarding the plane. It was then that the “no win” situation was taken over by the Governors Office and Chris Grollnek politely said thank you and assistance could be provided through a group of networks as needed. The rest is evolving and information on his position is not available as non disclosures would preclude further input.

Fearing the worse, Baltimore Maryland is preparing for an event that may make Ferguson look like a “lead in” or “opening at” before a primetime review. Leaning on Chris Grollnek and the two separate active shooter incidents he has been involved in during the shooting makes perfect sense – if we can stop police from being attacked from a targeted standpoint and protect citizens mutually, there is no more qualified person in the nation, possibly the world for that matter that understand how others react to deteriorating situations in realtime.

SME Chris Grollnek Called to Assist Baltimore
Re-Posted with permission of ReAct in Chesapeake, Virginia


The ReACT™ online training program is a holistic approach in educating our local workforce and business community. The program has seven training modules featuring nationally recognized, top government experts on Active Shooting Event survival from a business continuity, worker survival and psychological angle. Each module comprises of interactive, engaging “edu-tainment” video, comprehensive knowledge review and online testing and certification to educate C-suite executes and employees on how to minimize risk and respond with a Survivor’s Mindset.

ReACT™ teaches every worker, how to React, Escape, Survive… ™ while also addressing emotional and psychological impact, minimizing risk to professional reputation(s) and other disruptive effects resulting from potential shooting and other critical incident scenarios within the workplace.

Active Shooting Incidents are not isolated and there are no warnings. They last an average of 15 minutes. They are a community concern. The most effective strategy to keep Hampton Roads healthy is proactive training. When Seconds Count… What’s Your Plan? Learn how to React, Escape, Survive™

SME Chris Grollnek Called to Assist Baltimore

About Active Shooter Prevention Expert

Active Shooter Training and Domestic Terrorism Prevention Expert PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Chris Grollnek is an award winning former lead police investigator and one of the nation’s highly sought Active Shooter Prevention and Physical Security Experts. Through lecturing, training and responding to critical incidents as an independent investigator, at the request of public officials and private entities, Chris assists in shaping public and private safety standards. Recognized as a pivotal leader in security change management strategies, Chris has a proven record of success in implementing strategic policy for both government entities and corporations. He is frequently sought by national media outlets to provide contributing insight on the phenomena of active shooter events and domestic terrorism. Chris is a dynamic, forward-thinking physical security manager and vulnerability analyst.
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